Thursday, August 17, 2017

Feel Freedom with the New GBGB Wear Carter Strapless Flyer Underwear!

Get the right amount of coverage with a free and relaxed behind... no straps or gimmicks... with the new GBGB Wear Carter Strapless Flyer Underwear. It feels like wearing a jockstrap underwear, minus the straps around the legs. You will surely feel the comfort and freedom of wearing sexy underwear all day without feeling to revealing up front. Click here to order the GBGB Wear Carter Strapless Flyer Underwear...


Get behind the action in a snap with the GBGB Wear Carter Strapless Flyer Underwear as it allows full range of movement and less hassles on your butt area. With this underwear design, support is still on its game and it has that athletic aura that you can show it off confidently as you strip off at the lockers. Made from 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane.


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