Monday, July 10, 2017

Summon Your Inner Dark God in the New 2Eros Erebus Jock Underwear!

Inspired by the Greek god of darkness and shadow named "Erebus," the latest collection of 2Eros will surely blow you away! The new 2Eros Erebus Jockstrap Underwear is designed with beautifully constructed panelling combined with deep colours to evoke your dark side. It has not lost its athletic and sporty appeal with a touch of tempting sexiness and charm. Click here to order the 2Eros Erebus Jockstrap Underwear...

2Eros Erebus Jockstrap Underwear Darkness Gayrado Online Shop

Whether you'll go out to work a sweat at the gym or when you jog, the 2Eros Erebus Jockstrap Underwear is designed to perform all day with you. It is designed with a premium sweat wicking fabric to keep you cool and sweat free for longer. Wear it at any day, at any occasion. Made from 100% Polyamide, with the mesh material made from 88% Nylon and 12% Elastane.

2Eros Erebus Jockstrap Underwear Inferno Gayrado Online Shop

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