Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Get Raunchy in Lucas Entertainment's "Boy Toys"

Toys, Men and Hardcore Action are the perfect ingredients for a sizzling hot gay porn video... and Lucas Entertainment never fails to deliver in this muscle packed and ass ramming DVD movie of  "Boy Toys". Never come between a “Boy” and his “Toys,” especially when it’s some of Lucas Raunch’s horniest sex pigs ready to get wild and dirty. Click here to see the hardcore action photos of Boy Toys...

Gayrado Lucas Entertainment Boy Toys Marco Sessions Will Helm

Johnny Venture begins by working out Brandon Jones’ ass with anal beads and dildos before pounding him with his uncut beer-can cock. Will Helm and Marco Sessions share a double-headed dildo while flip-fucking. Alessandro Master loosens up Franco Ferarri with toys before diving in with his uncut cock. Martin Passoli rams Christian Herzog’s ass with a lube bottle and black dildo. And Preston Steel teaches Tate Ryder a lesson of submission with monstrous toys and dildos.

Big Cocked Men Who Love Their Toys: Toys for Big Boys

It's the perfect man-fun dose you need to fire up your day! Watch this hot DVD movie from Catalina studios that features big cocked men and their toys! Toys for Big Boys is all about hung men who aren't satisfied with hardcore sex with their partners... they love to bring their toys in! Click here to see the hardcore photos of Toys for Big Boys...

Gayrado Catalina Toys for Big Boys DVD

Toys For Big Boys is a man-fun feature that portrays Steve Rambo's journey from being told to go fuck himself ... to doing just that. Chi Chi LaRue provides the best nonstop sex action of his career.

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Twinks With a Taste for Leather: "Twink Fetish Club"

Tired of seeing muscle men getting hardcore with their fetish? It's time to bring the Twinks out with this hot DVD from Staxus! "Twink Fetish Club" is a whole new take on boys who love a little kink with leather and some mild torture for pleasure. Click here to see the photos of Twink Fetish Club...

Gayrado Twink Fetish Club Abused DVD

Some boys are square and unwilling to experiment – but that’s not something that can be said about this bunch of kinky young things. Fact is, the likes of Paul Walker, Billy Rubens and Aaron Aurora are only too willing and eager to try something different once in a while, be it fucking around in a sling, getting fisted, playing with sex-toys or banging their mate whilst he’s wearing a leash!

Heed the Call of Your Playmates at "Cum Out & Play"

Let the playtime continue to kick in on a midweek! Starting it off with the hot and juicy boys of Next Door Studios in "Cum Out and Play". Better start early with these young lads who have an unending urge for sex at any time of the day. Click here to see the photos of Cum Out & Play...

Next Door Studios Cum Out and Play DVD Gayrado

These boys might not have come out of the closet just yet, but their boy toys want them to cum out and play! And who are we to resist the temptation of watching them in action? 

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Heighten Your Pleasure Level With Our Toy Features for the Week!

Handy multi-purpose accessories that converts to a pleasure tool, huge dildo's, stainless steel butt plugs and so much more! We know it's only Wednesday but that can't stop anyone from getting all horned up over something. So what better way than to get your toys to help you with your solo pleasure seeking escapade! Click here to see our Sex Toys feature for the week...

Gayrado Sex Toys

Rubber toys, stainless steel items and realistic feel are just some of the hints we can give you on today's sex toy features. Something to add to your sex toys collection... INDEED! All of these products can be ordered via the GAYRADO Online Store and we offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

Hot Item for Swimming: Pistol Pete Anchor Swimwear Swim Bikini

Be a head turner at the beach and let everyone know how easy you can get out of your sexy swim bikini with the Pistol Pete Anchor Swimwear Swim Bikini! Aside from the pop of color on its design, it has a side buckle that lets you take it off easily... you can even ask someone else to do it for you! Click here for the full details of the Pistol Pete Anchor Swimwear Swim Bikini...

Pistol Pete Anchor Swimwear Swim Bikini Model

Very suitable for the beach or the pool or wherever you want to swim in, the Pistol Pete Anchor Swimwear Swim Bikini is made from 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane.

GBGB Wear Marius Thong Underwear See-Thru Pouch

It's halfway through the week and however busy you may be, there's always time for a little kink and naughty on-the-side. If sexy underwear is your thing but worry about comfort for the entire day, feel covered inside with a little peep-show of skin with this hot underwear from GBGB Wear! Click here to see full details of the GBGB Wear Marius Thong Underwear See-Thru Pouch...

GBGB Wear Marius Thong Underwear See-Through Pouch Gayrado GBGB Wear Marius Thong Underwear See-Through Pouch Back Gayrado

GBGB Wear Marius Thong Underwear See-Thru Pouch is all you need to get that freak on with your partner or whoever you're taking home tonight. No one gets turned down with see-thru underwear! The GBGB Wear Marius Thong Underwear See-Thru Pouch is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane.

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Jack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jockstrap

What better to motivate your daily workout than a hot gear that can get everyone's attention at the locker room! Balancing STYLE and PERFORMANCE, the Jack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jockstrap is designed for excellent support and comfort while working out or doing your own sport! It is made from an ultralightweight, moisture wicking mesh fabric that is 95% Polyester and 5% Rubber! Click here for the full details of the Jack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jockstrap...

Jack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jock Strap UnderwearJack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jock Strap Underwear Detail

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Masterstrokes #12, Steve Cruz High Impact DVD

Logan McCree and Wilfried Knight are so busy feeding on each other's kisses and embraces that nothing will stop them. After some tit-tweaking and groping, Wilfried fishes Logan's uncut cock out and sucks it down. Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy, and Jason is eager to go along for the ride with his hairy English "dad". Click here for the photos of the hot men of  Masterstrokes #12, Steve Cruz High Impact...

Gayrado Raging Stallion Masterstrokes Vol.12 DVD

Like two beasts pawing at each other, they devour each other in a hungry kiss. Clad in nothing but his tight wet briefs, Adam Killian grabs a hose and douses his car. He suds it up sensuously, climbing atop the hood. Sliding his hot muscular frame over the cool wet steel he lays back against the windshield with the sun shining on him. The horny muscle beasts of Raging Stallion Studios are in for some hot beefy devouring and hardcore fucking in this explosive video!

Raging Stallion Studios: Centurion Muscle III OMEGA

RAGING STALLION STUDIOS very proudly presents the biggest and baddest film from legendary director JD SLATER: CENTURION MUSCLE III OMEGA. Just when you thought that the men and sex couldn't get any hotter, SLATER cranks it up yet another notch, making this the steamiest offering of mega-horned-out hyper-butch buffed beef yet. Click here for the muscle powered hardcore action photos of Centurion Muscle III OMEGA...

Gayrado Centurion Pictures XXX Omega Anal Sex

We are talking about 9 of the biggest, hottest, hunkiest horndogs ever to rut and grunt their way through 5 of the most spectacular over-the-top fuckfests ever recorded. The performances are nothing short of Olympian and will leave you awestruck and breathless with their hypnotic power and passion.

Rough and Rowdy Hairy Muscle Men of COLT Studios' "ARMOUR"

Invoking feelings of attraction and strength! This all-new COLT Feature depicts a man's lustful desire through the chiseled armor of a Man's hard, muscled exterior. Wearing the hottest new gear from Priape leather, the COLT Men of ARMOUR live out their sexual fantasies. Check out the hardcore muscle-on-muscle photos of COLT Studios' "ARMOUR" here...

Gayrado COLT Armour Photos

From cops to locker-rooms, kilts to ball-gags, these COLT Men don their ARMOUR and sex up leather like you have never seen before.

Adjustable Leather Chest Harness

Complete your Leather Fetishist look with these high quality adjustable leather chest harnesses. They give a nice fit and vary in design and structure. Easy to wear and take off!

Leather Chest Harness Gayrado

Take your pick and wear it on your next hardcore leather shindig!

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High Quality Leather Pocket Paddle

Level up your rough and rowdy leather play with this handy item from M2M. Like making someone's ass cheeks red? Don't let your hands feel the impact and let the paddle do the work for you! Pocket Paddles by M2M are made of quality leather and always leave a lasting impression. Made of heavy-duty latigo.

Leather Paddle Pocket Paddle

Time to slap that ass with this hot new item at a SPECIAL PRICE for a limited time only! 
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FALCON Dual Purpose Accessory: Leather Color Coded Bracelet/Cockring

A MUST HAVE dual purpose Leather accessory from FALCON! Time to color code your act with this adjustable leather bracelet that can also be used as a cock ring.

Falcon Leather Color Coded Bracelet Cockring

Falcon Leather Color Coded Bracelet/Cockring - wear the colors on your wrist or on your cock. Wear it on your left if you are a top, and on the right if your`re not. Wrap it once around your wrist or twice around your dick. 

Red - fisting
Dark Blue - anal sex
Light Blue - oral sex
Yellow - watersports

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COLT Leather Zip Jock Underwear

Leather Kinks! We've got awesome products for you to add to your collection! Starting with a hot innovation in underwear from COLT! How often do you get to see a Jock underwear with a zipper? And yes, it's made of leather! Click here to see the full detail of the COLT Leather Zip Jock Underwear...

COLT Leather zip jock underwear

The eyecatching COLT Zip Jock in finest black leather with distinctive leather detail, blue stripes (also available in yellow, red and black), front zip fly and black elastic waistband. All COLT Leather is made from the highest quality leather.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's PlayTime Tuesday!

Whether you love your sexy playtime alone or with your partner, we have a line up of product "Must Haves" that you should have in your own naughty closet. Be it masturbators, lubricants or fetish products, today's post will surely get you in to the best deals of items in online today. Check out our PlayTime Tuesday features here...

gay hairy men masturbate fleshlight

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Monday, July 21, 2014

TitanMen: "Night Heat"

There's no cooling down as the day turns to night... the HEAT gets bigger with the hot muscle studs of TitanMen: Night Heat! Click here to view the exciting photos of scenes from TitanMen: Night Heat...

Step out of the pool and into the arms of TitanMen exclusives Dario Beck, Jay Bentley and Hunter Marx, who do it even better in the dark. Emerging from the water with his hairy muscles dripping, Tom Wolfe gets even wetter as he exchanges blows with Jay Bentley - who then gets his jock ass worked over.

BelAmi: "HeartBreakers"

Break free from the lazy Monday blues with the drool-worthy beautiful boys of BelAmi in another cock throbbing movie! Have they ever turned you down? The boys of BelAmi: "Heartbreakers" will get your hearts racing in a number of ass wrecking and titillating foreplay scenes. Click here to view the dreamy and big cocked boys BelAmi: Heartbreakers...

Belami Heartbreakers DVD

Hot boys with perfect physique and irresistible charm often will break your heart... but some, choose to break you with their throbbing dicks!

STUD FUCKERZ: Leather Muscle

What better way to start the fire up on a Monday than with hard and horny muscle men with some serious hot Leather Fetish! STUD FUCKERZ of Raging Stallion Presents: Leather Muscle. It's the movie with a perfect combination of muscle, big cocks and leather kink! Click here to view the Hardcore Scenes from Stud Fuckerz: Leather Muscle...

Stud Fuckerz Leather Muscle Photos

You can almost smell the leather, sweat and spunk! Shredded from head to toe in rippling muscles and kitted out in the kinkiest leather; these studs are ready to fuck! Bottoms are tied down, tops are hard as a rock as the action gets hardcore – watch willing men take giant cocks in every hole and drench themselves in cum!

DadsNLads: BOSS vs TWINK

Hate MONDAYS? Rant all you want but Tristan Woods will give you all the reasons why he loves his boss... even on a Monday! Perhaps you'll look forward to any work day upon watching this explosive new movie! Click here to view HARDCORE SCENES from DadsNLads: BOSS vs TWINK...

Tristan Woods Billy Rubens Boss vs Twink

It never pays to fuck your boss, but when it comes to fucking "the boss..." well, that’s a whole different story – as this gang of horny twinks discover time and time again! Fact is, if you’re new to the workplace there’s no better way to get ahead than to give head – or even simply to part your legs and take one for the team! 

Benno von Stein Tayento Body Wrestle Suit

Take down your opponent and let him taste the leather in this Benno von Stein Tayento Body suit in black! Made from synthetic leather, 60% polyester and 40% Polyurethane, allowing you to wrestle and get really down and dirty!

Benno von Stein Tayento Body Wrestle Suit

Benno von Stein Tayento Body wrestle suit has a nice pouch with black front zip that also leaves room for the additional toys. The single piece back part and the bow seam on the back of the trousers accentuate the figure. 

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Manstore Tower String M420 Underwear

Be a head turner at the party or simply heat up your foreplay up a notch with the Manstore Tower String M420 Underwear! It has a shiny elastic leather look with its high-gloss lacquer finish. Click here to see the Full Underwear Details of the Manstore Tower String M420 Underwear...

Manstore Tower String M420 Underwear Rosso Model

Be bold and wear these beauties in Red, Black and White!
Whether it's for you or your special someone, that inviting gloss, fit and feature of this very sexy underwear will take your teasing and foreplay to a whole new level of excitement!

Pistol Pete Maverick Thong

It's the start of the week and you can get your Kink on tonight! Who says you have to wait 'til the weekend to get freaky? But before you get down and stripping, make sure you're in the right underwear! Click here to view the full design details of the Pistol Pete Maverick Thong...

Pistol Pete Maverick Thong String Underwear Model

Surprise your special someone as you slow strip with the Pistol Pete Maverick Thongs! The sexy snug fits your shape perfectly and gives a little tease up front, and a slap-worthy behind!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CAZZOFILM: "Suit Sluts"

Do men in suits turn you on? Let Spencer Reed awaken your suit fetish with hardcore rounds of muscle to muscle pounding action in Cazzofilm's "Suit Sluts!" This DVD is all about hard muscle men and their hung tools... the PERFECT PORN MOVIE! Check out Spencer Reed's full cock exposure photos here...

Cazzofilm Suit Sluts Spencer Reed DVD Cover

Men in suits are hot! Outwardly respectable, but for a fuck always to have. On the way to the company a guy follows Tim. First he gives him a blow job under his desk. Then Tim pops him mercilessly. Jeff just wants to smoke. Suddenly he has the huge cock of his boss in the mouth.

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Kinky Angels: "Kinky and Kris"

The sexually active and naughty boys of George Duroy are at it again and this time they go for a real hot man by the name of Kris Evans! It's a new take on wild sexual performance from these beautiful and hung boys as they take down one man all together! Click here to see the Hot Photos from Kinky Angels: Kinky and Kris...

Kinky Angels Kinky and Kris DVD Cover

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TITAN MEN Presents: "Daddy Meat 2"

Let loose with your hot daddy fantasies in this fantastic DVD release from TitanMen... presenting Daddy Meat 2! If you like your Daddy Meat twice as thick and twice as juicy you've come to the right place! Daddy Meat 2 features six hardcore scenes of the very best in hot, hairy TitanMen Daddies fill up this best-of series volume 2. Click here to view the Hot Video Stills of TitanMen: Daddy Meat 2...

Titanmen Daddy Meat 2 DVD Cover

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GBGB Wear Igor Cock Ring

Hold that "Power Rod" up when you need longer performance and teasing with the GBGB Wear Igor Cock Ring. Keep your erection up in a cool and stylish way as the Igor Cock Ring comes in different colors attached with stainless steel rings. Click here to see how to wear the GBGB Wear Igor Cock Ring...

The GBGB Wear Igor Cock Ring is made from from 95% Polyester, 5% Rubber. One band size (stretchable!). Available in 2 ring sizes:

M: inner diameter 45 mm (1 3/4 inch); circumfence 5 1/2 inch
L: inner diameter 55 mm (2 1/4 inch); circumfence 7 inch

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PRODUCT FEATURE: "3-pack Rude Rider Silicone Lube"

Sexually active studs need not one bottle of good quality lube... load up on 3 bottles with GAYRADO's special offer! The 3-pack Rude Rider Silicone Lube is at its best price today, consisting of 3 100ml/3.5oz bottles! It's 3 for the price of 1!

Rude Rider Silicone Lube

The medical Lubricants & Rude Rider Silicone Glide is compatible with skin and mucous membranes, latex condom safe, odorless, tasteless, transparent, productive, improved lubricity in full body massage and is suitable for transient use during anal intercourse.

For men who are 100% on task and having sex does not make compromises.

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PRODUCT FEATURE: "Eros Prolong 101"

Want a prolonged love making session with you partner? More time for love play while staying "UP"? This product is your perfect bet! Eros Prolong 101 Care Spray was specially developed for this need. At the same time, it enhances suppleness without loss of sensation!

Eros Prolong 101 Care Spray

This refreshing spray has been dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility. Look forward to new intense sensations during sexual intercourse!

• dermatologically tested 
• kind to mucous membranes 
• water-based 
• free of oil and grease

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pistol Pete Monarchy Tank Top and Hoodie

Show off your muscles and sexy physique in the most stylish and cool way with the Pistol Pete Monarchy Tank-Top. Flash those guns you've worked out in the gym and get some shade from the sun when you need to with the Pistol Pete Monarchy Hoody. Click here to see FULL details of Pistol Pete Monarchy Tank Top and Hoodie...

Pistol Pete Monarchy Tank Top

The stylishly designed hoody is made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester and is available today with its BEST PRICE at GAYRADO.COM (

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Pistol Pete Monarchy Swimwear Swim Brief

Never be boring when hitting the beach with the Pistol Pete Monarchy Swimwear Swim Brief (Multicolor). Brighten up the summer and heat up the shores with exciting and eye-catching designs! Click here to see more of the Pistol Pete Monarchy Swimwear design...

Pistol Pete Monarchy Swimwear Swim Brief

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GBGB Wear Mens Underwear "BALZ" and "BALZ Jock"

Boost up your groin and grab everyone's attention by the balls with the GBGB Wear "BALZ" and "BALZ Jock." Designed with a jockstrap support and without, adding a bit of a push up your manhood while wearing your favorite pants or shorts. Click here to see the complete and UNCENSORED designs...

GBGB Wear BALZ underwear BALZ jock

Easy, sexy and comfortable with that extra PUSH! 
The GBGB Wear Mens Underwear BALZ and BALZ Jock underwear from GBGB Wear is available in Red, Yellow, White and Black; specially priced at GAYRADO.COM (

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stud Fuckerz: Gang Fucked

When one cock just isn’t enough! These horny insatiable bottoms love to get fucked, but why take just one dick when there are several on offer? Living out their fantasy of being used by several muscular hung tops on camera for everyone to see, they won’t be happy until every hunk in the room has filled their hole and spunked in their faces! Click here to view the photo gallery of "Gang Fucked"...

Stud Fuckerz Gang Fucked DVD Sale


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LUCAS Entertainment: Jonathan Agassi Goes RAW

When Lucas Entertainment's very own Jonathan Agassi goes raw, there's one question to be asked: does he prefer taking bare dick up his ass or pounding his man's ass bareback himself? Watch this hot stud dive into different bareback positions that will surely leave you wanting for more. Click here to see Jonathan Agassi's sizzling photos...

Lucas Entertainment Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw

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BelAmi: Never Enough (DVD Sale)

Sometimes you just can't get enough especially when it's the boys of BelAmi. It is a flip-flop, a double penetration and a whole lot more of "sex-perience" that will drive you wild. Click here to see the BelAmi stars of the film "Never Enough"...

Belami Never Enough DVD Sale

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The meaty and beefy boys of COLT Studio Group comes out to play in underwear! It's the hottest line up of beefy men, doing what they do best in their underwear that will surely awaken your senses and craving for manly muscle and power! Check out the sizzling video stills here...

Colt Studio Group Beef N Briefs DVD Sale

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